Commercial Copiers & Printers

Commercial copiers and printers are high-capacity, heavy-duty devices designed for businesses and organisations, including small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), that require reliable and potentially high-volume printing and copying capabilities. These devices are built to handle high volumes of printing and copying tasks efficiently and reliably.

However, while commercial copiers and printers are often associated with high-volume print and copy tasks, there is a huge range of models and options suitable for the demands of most small and medium-sized businesses. The reason they are called 'commercial-grade' is more to do with these copiers and printers being used primarily for business use rather than personal or home use. 

Typical Use Cases: Commercial copiers and printers are utilised in various business settings for a wide range of purposes, including:

  1. Document Production: Printing large quantities of documents, brochures, flyers, and marketing materials for distribution.
  2. Reports and Presentations: Producing detailed reports, presentations, and other important business documents.
  3. Direct Mail Campaigns: Printing materials for direct mail marketing campaigns.
  4. Blueprints and Engineering Drawings: Printing architectural or engineering designs and plans.
  5. Educational Institutions: Schools, universities, and training centres use them for printing course materials, assignments, and educational resources.
  6. Government Offices: Government agencies often require high-volume printing for official documents and reports.

Applications: Commercial copiers and printers offer several key features and capabilities that make them suitable for business use:

  1. High Volume Capacity: These devices can handle large print jobs without frequent interruptions for reloading paper or changing consumables.
  2. Speed: Commercial printers can print at much faster speeds compared to consumer-grade printers.
  3. Advanced Finishing Options: Many commercial devices offer advanced finishing options such as stapling, hole punching, booklet making, and folding.
  4. Large Paper Handling: They can accommodate various paper sizes and types, including large-format paper and specialty media.
  5. Network Connectivity: Commercial printers can be integrated into office networks, allowing multiple users to access the device remotely.
  6. Document Management: Some models offer scanning and digital document management features, making it easier to digitise and organise documents.

Differences from Consumer Grade: Commercial copiers and printers differ from consumer-grade counterparts in several ways:

  1. Durability: Commercial devices are built for heavy-duty use and are more durable and robust compared to consumer-grade devices.
  2. Volume Capacity: Commercial devices have significantly higher paper capacities and are designed to handle larger print volumes without frequent maintenance.
  3. Speed: Commercial devices can print much faster, with speeds measured in pages per minute (PPM) rather than pages per minute (PPM) for consumer devices. 
  4. Advanced Features: Commercial devices offer advanced finishing options, like collating, stapling, and booklet making, which are often not available on consumer-grade devices.
  5. Network Integration: Commercial devices often come with advanced network connectivity options for seamless integration into office environments.

Service and Support: Commercial devices typically come with better service and support options, including maintenance contracts and faster response times.

Functionality: The functionality of commercial copiers and printers includes:

  1. Printing: Producing high-quality printed documents and materials.
  2. Copying: Creating duplicates of physical documents quickly and efficiently.
  3. Scanning: Converting physical documents into digital formats for archiving or sharing.
  4. Faxing (Optional): Some commercial devices may include faxing capabilities.
  5. Document Management: Some models offer features for document organisation, storage, and retrieval.

Commercial-grade copiers and printers are typically purchased from authorised dealers and resellers and not typically through retail stores, such as Officeworks, which sell printers more suitable for home or personal uses.

These authorised dealers and resellers usually have field technicians who offer proper support, maintenance, and access to specialised features tailored to specific business needs. 

CopierChoice was founded in 2010 to simplify the process of obtaining quotes for commercial copiers and printers. Prices can differ significantly depending on brand, model, features, and options. Our Quote Request service connects you with 3 to 4 suppliers who will offer customised quotes matching your business requirements.