Printer Warranty & Maintenance Explained

Navigating Business Copier and Printer Costs: Warranty vs. Maintenance Contracts

In the business world, printers and copiers are vital tools that can boost efficiency and productivity. When purchasing copiers and printers for your business, it's important to understand warranties and maintenance contracts. This section will help you understand these concepts, explaining the differences and offering some further insights into maintenance contracts.

1. Manufacturer's Warranty

When you acquire a business-grade copier or printer, it comes with a manufacturer's warranty. This warranty acts as a safety net, assuring you that during a specific period, any defects or issues with your device will be rectified by the manufacturer without additional costs.


  • Initial Protection: The warranty offers security during the early stages of owning the device, providing peace of mind without extra financial burden.
  • Defect Coverage: Manufacturing defects or unexpected malfunctions are covered, ensuring repairs or replacements at no expense.
  • Confidence Boost: The warranty underscores the manufacturer's commitment to their product's quality, boosting your confidence in your purchase.


  • Limited Duration: Warranties are time-bound and often shorter than the expected device lifespan, leaving you unprotected after the warranty period ends.
  • Specific Coverage: Not all issues fall within warranty coverage; certain types of damage might not be included, potentially leading to unexpected costs.
  • Post-Warranty Costs: Repair expenses become your responsibility after the warranty expires, potentially leading to unexpected costs.

2. Maintenance Contracts

Maintenance contracts take a step beyond warranties, offering continuous support, usually for a fixed term. These contracts encompass regular maintenance, repairs, and even replacement parts. Consider them as a long-term commitment to ensuring your device's optimal functionality.


  • Comprehensive Assistance: Maintenance contracts cover a range of services, from routine maintenance to fast repairs by field technicians, ensuring consistent device performance.
  • Predictable Budgeting: Fixed fees in maintenance contracts simplify financial budgeting, spreading costs evenly throughout the contract's duration.
  • Enhanced Device Longevity: Regular maintenance under the contract enhances your device's performance, extending its useful life.
  • Supplies: Many contracts include not only parts and labour for maintenance and repairs but also the cost of toner and ink supplies. 


  • Ongoing Costs: Maintenance contracts involve regular payments, which might appear costlier compared to only paying for maintenance and repairs when needed.
  • Potential Underutilisation: If your device rarely requires service, you may feel the contract's offerings are not fully utilised.
  • Dependency on Provider: Relying on the contract provider for service might limit flexibility if your needs change over time.

Understanding Maintenance Contract Pricing: Cost Per Page

Maintenance contracts often follow a cost-per-page model, where you pay a fixed rate for each page your device prints or copies. This rate varies for colour copies/prints and monochrome (black and white) copies/prints. This approach simplifies cost calculations and ensures transparency in your expenses.

Making Informed Decisions: Tailoring to Your Needs

Choosing between warranty coverage and maintenance contracts depends on your unique business circumstances:

  • Usage Patterns: Maintenance contracts offer peace of mind for heavy usage by addressing wear and tear over time.
  • Budget Constraints: Warranties work well for tight budgets, providing protection without straining your financial resources.
  • Long-Term Goals: Maintenance contracts ensure ongoing performance and support for extended device usage.

It's worth noting that the decision between warranty and maintenance contracts isn't an active one in most cases. Typically, when purchasing a business copier or printer, the warranty automatically comes with the device. Signing up for a service or maintenance contract is usually optional unless you're leasing the equipment, in which case a contract is required. So, in reality, a business copier or printer buyer usually benefits from the automatic warranty and can then choose to add the optional service contract. This setup ensures comprehensive coverage for your valuable devices.

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